IBM MQ Introduction & Application Programming

Training Summary
Day 1 is designed to provide the skills necessary to determine the feasibility for using Message Queuing in implementation of application systems. A complete look at the features and facilities provided by the various MQI products will be provided. Days 2 thru 4 are designed to provide the skills necessary to understand the Application Programming Interface (API) provided by IBM MQ.
It is highly recommended that students have the following knowledge and skills: Introduction to Client/Server course (or equivalent knowledge), have at least 1 year of programming experience with COBOL or C/C++ and have at least a general knowledge of operating system environments in use.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
The first day of the course is intended for information systems personnel at all levels. The last three days of the course are intended for applications and systems development staff desiring to understand the writing of IBM MQ applications.
Course Topics
  • Introduction
  • Message Queuing Features and Facilities
  • Related Topics
  • Message Queuing Interface: Initial Design Considerations
  • Message Queuing Interface: Accessing Queue Managers
  • Message Queuing Interface: Accessing Queues
  • Message Queuing Interface: Writing and Reading Messages
  • Message Queuing Interface: Special Message Retrieval Options
  • Message Queuing Interface: ReplyToQ and Report Options
  • Message Queuing Interface: Special Call Processing
  • Message Queuing Interface: Special Topics and Options

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