IBM Rational ClearCase Basic

ClearCase is the IBM Rational tool for automating source code configuration management and configuration management of other software and documentation assets. The ClearCase client come in two variants, a UNIX version and a Windows version, and this course comes in two variants as well, one that is designed for training on the Windows product and one for training on the UNIX product. The content of both courses is comparable with differences only to accommodate the two different interfaces (Windows and UNIX) to the ClearCase product. This course is a hands on workshop designed to teach students how to administer ClearCase and how to use ClearCase in the planning and management of a development project. The course does not cover the use of ClearCase from a user's perspective. The course designed to teach managers how to implement ClearCase effectively in their development environments (Windows and UNIX) to support their project objectives and CM plan.
Students should have taken the Introduction to Rational ClearCase course or have equivalent knowledge. Basic ClearCase usage and concepts will NOT be covered in this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Anyone who will be supporting or administering using ClearCase or those who will be responsible for setting up and configuring ClearCase to support development or software support projects. This is an intermediate level course and does require previous knowledge of ClearCase concepts.
  • Introduction to Configuration Management
  • ClearCase Administration Overview
  • The ClearCase Registry and Regions
  • Supporting VOBs
  • Access Control
  • Modifying, Populating, and Moving VOBs
  • Managing Views
  • Implementing an SCM plan
  • Organizing the Project Artifacts
  • Implementing Branching and Managing Workspaces
  • Tools for Implementing Project Policies

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