IBM Security Directory Suite Foundations - TW070G

This foundational course consists of two parts. The first part introduces IBM Security Directory Server (SDS) and its basic features, while the second part focuses on the IBM SDS appliance. Students learn about the installation, configuration, and components of the IBM SDS appliance. Basic configuration includes the configuration of the Directory Server using a built-in database instance, and configuration of a Federated Directory Server instance. During the hand-on exercises, students perform basic appliance configuration, set up an integration with file-based identity sources, and configure Pass-through authentication (PTA) using another instance of the Directory Server as a password source.  
Before taking this course, make sure that you have the following skills: * Working knowledge of Linux * Working knowledge of general security concepts, including SSL, authentication, and authorization
2 Days
This course is designed for IBM Security Directory Server (LDAP) administrators.

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