IBM Sterling Connect Direct for Windows 4.7 Secure Plus Configuration by using SSL - 6C06G

The ‘IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct® for Windows 4.7- Secure Plus Configuration by using SSL’ course introduces you to the Secure+ Admin Tool, the IBM® Key Manager, and the Secure+ Parameters File. Also, it focuses on generating self-signed certificates, creating the trusted root file, exchanging certificates with a remote Sterling Connect:Direct node, and configuring the Secure+ parameter file to securely trade data by using SSL.
Before taking this course, students should have working knowledge: IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct® for Windows
1 Days
This course is designed to train IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct users or system administrators.
After completing this course, students should be able to: Describe the Sterling Connect:Direct Secure+ Configuration for Windows. Create digital certificates by using the IBM® Key Manager. Exchange digital certificates and create the trusted root file. Create and Configure the Secure+ Parameter file. Submit sample process to copy a file securely. Troubleshoot Secure+ issues.

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