IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.3 Fundamentals - TM023G

Training Summary
IBM Tivoli Monitoring products monitor the performance and availability of operating systems and applications. In this course you learn about the Tivoli Monitoring architecture and how to navigate the Tivoli Enterprise Portal. You also learn how to manage situation events, visualize real-time and historical data, manage user authorities, and publish monitoring workspaces.
You should have: Working knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems Working knowledge of an Internet browser
3 Days
This basic course is for users and administrators of all Tivoli Monitoring products that use the Tivoli Enterprise Portal as the user interface.
Course Topics
Describe the Tivoli Monitoring architecture. Use and navigate the Tivoli Enterprise Portal to monitor and manage an enterprise monitoring solution built with Tivoli Monitoring. Manage the Tivoli Monitoring infrastructure by starting and stopping components, using the self-monitoring workspaces and topology, and building managed system groups. Build situations to monitor the enterprise. Access situation events, situation event details, and status changes. Manage events effectively using facilities provided with Tivoli Monitoring. Build visualizations of enterprise monitoring data and personalize workspace data, and build workspace views. Manage historical data collection and use historical data within Tivoli Enterprise Portal and Tivoli Common Reporting. Manage user authorizations and user groups.Cloud & Data PlatformIntegrationCloud Management MarketCloud Management PortfolioIT Management Bundles

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