IBM WebSphere Commerce v8 - Management Center Customization - 6G70G

This 1-day ILT course is designed to help learners to understand Management Center Customization for WebSphere Commerce Version 8. This course enables a developer to develop customizations to an e-commerce store to adapt the functions of the Management Center Tool according to business requirements. In-depth content covers the skills and knowledge to customize Management Center. The topics include an overview of the Management Center framework, understand Management Center customization and definitions, an overview of the Management Center user interface, understand the Management Center services, customizing the Management Center shell and existing Management Center Tool, understand extending precision marketing and promotions, understand the Management Center test automation framework and troubleshooting Management Center, understand how to recover from errors in the Management Center, migration considerations and effective strategies for testing and customizing the tool.  The topics incorporate relevant procedures to understand the processes that can be performed using the tool. The exercise provides the students a customization of adding a new tab to an existing Management Center property view with the necessary steps to be performed to execute the tasks. Topics that are covered in the exercise includes registering the new tab and properties files, adding the object and properties definition files, creating JSP files and registering in the framework's extension files and customizing the required configuration and XML files. The hands-on exercise that is provided emphasizes the topics taught, which are relevant to the business scenarios that is implemented in management center.  
Before taking this course, students should: Have completed existing Developer courses (6S221/6G248/6T225/6T226/6G01G) or have similar experience. Have experience of using WebSphere Commerce Management Center. Understand storefront customization, WebSphere Commerce backend customization, BOD, REST services, DHTML, AMD, Dojo, JavaScript, XML, and Spring
1 Days
This course is designed for Technical operations and Development team of an e-commerce store who want to customize the Management Center Tool of IBM WebSphere Commerce V8 systems.  

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