IBM WebSphere Enterprise Application Development

This course teaches students how to develop Enterprise Applications Components using WebSphere Studio and VisualAge for Java. It also teaches students how to build and deploy a Web based Enterprise Application in WebSphere Application Server (WAS). Students will learn the J2EE Technologies and how they are implemented in IBM WebSphere Products. Students will develop web components using WebSphere Studio and publish them in WAS. Students will develop EJB components using VisualAge for Java and deploy them in WebSphere Testing Environment. This course also teaches how to integrate the Web components and EJB components to build a Web based Enterprise Application and deploy the application in WAS. The deployment training includes the deployment configuration in WAS 4.0.
Students should have working knowledge of core (basic) Java programming and platform, and be familiar with Client-Server architectures. Working knowledge of VisualAge for Java is preferred but not essential.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Java Programmers, Enterprise Application Developers, and Web Applications Developers.
J2EE Technology::IBM WebSphere Products for Enterprise Java::WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition Version 4.0::VisualAge for Java Version 4.0::WebSphere Studio Version 4.0::Enterprise Naming Services::Enterprise Database Connectivity Services::HTTP Servlets::Java Server Pages::Web Applications::Enterprise Java Beans (Architecture, Concepts) Overview::EJB Deployment Descriptor::WebSphere Application Server EJB Services::Stateless Session Beans Development using VisualAge for Java::Stateful Session Beans Development using VisualAge for Java::CMP Entity Beans Development using VisualAge for Java::BMP Entity Beans Development using VisualAge for Java::EJB Transactions::EJB Security (Security Configuration in WAS)

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