IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator Workshop - 6F01G

This 5-day instructor-led workshop provides the skills necessary to analyze requirements and design solutions to implement real-time scenarios of Sterling B2B Integrator using multiple communication protocols. The workshop provides extensive hands- on use with Sterling B2B Integrator and provides exposure of real-time scenarios. You will learn about architecture, customization, AS2 communication configuration, web services, security, perimeter servers and overview of clustering.
This course assumes you have the following foundation knowledge: Awareness of B2B Product IBM Sterling Integrator Fundamentals IBM Sterling B2B Integrator BPM
5 Days
Please refer to course overview for description information.
Explain the high level Architecture of Sterling B2B Integrator Describe BPML activities and service architecture Use customized java application in business process Develop and customize a new service Analyze the standard property files and design a new property file Use WebSphere Messaging Queue server for message communication Apply various communication protocols through business process Elaborate the steps to implement web services in Sterling B2B Integrator Generate security certificates to implement secured communications Explain the procedure to set up local and remote perimeter servers Elaborate different cluster quality of services

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