IDMS 12.0 Concepts and Facilities

This course begins with an overview of IDMS 12.0 relational database concepts. In this section of the course the terms and techniques used by the IDMS to support the relational model are discussed in detail. The concepts associated with relational tables, primary and foreign keys, and referential integrity are stressed. The student will also learn how relational databases are built, secured and maintained in the IDMS environment. In the second section of the course, the IDMS 12.0 implementation of the Structured Query Language (SQL) is discussed. Sample statements that SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE rows in an IDMS 12.0 database are explained. The implementation of IDMS 12.0 relational statements in a COBOL program is covered.
Students should have a data processing background. Prior experience with IDMS network database technology is assumed. However, no prior knowledge of the IDMS 12.0 relational support is required for this course.
1 Day/Lecture
  • IDMS 12.0 Database Concepts
  • Creating a Table
  • IDMB 12.0-Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Dropping Objects
  • IDMS SQL Data Manipulation Syntax
  • Embedding SQL in an Application Program

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