IICS: Cloud Data Integration Services

Training Summary
ExistBI deliver the following 4-day IICS Cloud Data Integration Services Training course including the architecture and data integration features, data synchronization, cloud mapping designer, data masking and data replication. This course enables you to integrate data between cloud-based applications and on-premises systems, and develop and implement integration solutions using Cloud Mapping Designer by leveraging advanced transformation and connectivity features of IICS.
There are no prerequisites for this course
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Business Analysts, and Developers.
Course Topics
  • Informatica Cloud Overview
  • Cloud Secure Agent & Architecture
  • Creating Connections
  • Data Synchronization Application
  • Relationships and Integration
  • Qualifying & Transforming Source Data
  • Advanced Source Options
  • Field Lookups
  • Data Replication Application
  • Automating and Monitoring Tasks
  • Cloud Mapping Designer – Part I
  • Cloud Mapping Designer – Part II
  • Mapping Task and Mapping Parameters
  • Advanced Task Options
  • Advanced Salesforce Options
  • Data Masking Application
  • Administration
  • Linear Taskflow
  • Mass Ingestion Task
  • Introduction to Cloud & Platform Interoperability
  • Cloud Mapping Designer
  • Expression Macro and Dynamic Linking
  • Hierarchical Connectivity
  • Informatica Cloud REST API
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Advanced Properties Settings
  • Discovery IQ
  • Advanced Parameterization and REST Utilization
  • Exception Handling
  • Taskflows
  • Advanced Administration

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