IMOD Processing and REXX Processing in SYSVIEW

This course provides an introduction into the GSS facilities, IMOD processing capabilities and the RXDISP facility using SYSVIEW as the platform. The class consists of lecture and various lab exercises to provide an opportunity to exploit the features available.
Students attending this course should have SYSVIEW or OPS/MVS installed and be familiar with basic REXX programming.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for systems programmers, technical managers and anyone who wants a better understanding of IMOD coding and REXX exploitation and how to use these features in SYSVIEW.
  • Architecture
  • IMODs
  • Coding IMODs
  • Cross Product (Function) Communication
  • Using IMODs in Batch Processing (SRVBATCH)
  • Preparing IMODs for Execution

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