Implementing a Growth Mindset

During this course, students explore the main concepts of these areas of research, but more importantly, students also learn the techniques to developing a growth mindset driven by powerful self-discipline and willpower. This course is based on the ground breaking research by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck on mindsets and the work of Kelly McGonigal, another Stanford psychologist, on discipline and willpower. Dweck’s work over thirty years was focused on identifying the factors that correlated with educational and professional success. The data showed that the determining factor of success was not intelligence or talent but a set of attitudes people have towards learning, intelligence and their own potential. These attitudes could be mapped on an axis she called the mindset that ranged from the fixed mindset at one end to the growth mindset at the other end. McGonigal’s work is based on her long running research and her course "The Science of Willpower" which is the most taken course at Stanford University. McGonigal’s work investigates the nature of willpower, how it works, and how it is developed – all solidly based on the science of how human physiology, evolutionary traits and the mind-body connection work. Like Dweck, McGonigal was also able to identify a set of processes and mechanisms that people can use to develop their willpower
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for everyone
  • Experiment with trying new and different ways of doing things.
  • Be able to critically question their current practices, attitudes and beliefs.
  • Explore improvements to current practices and habits.
  • Implement changes in behaviors and habits to get more effective results.
  • Develop the mental flexibility to be able to look at situations and problems from multiple perspectives.
  • Adapt the best practices of others and incorporate them into their own practices.
  • Maintain a questioning curiosity about ways to improve and to improve their understanding.
  • Systematically change their behavior and habits to meet their goals

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