Implementing Accessibility into ASP.NET Web Sites

Students learn how to develop accessible ASP.NET web applications that meet national and international standards. Participants will learn how to design, develop, and test applications that are compatible with assistive technologies and the various browser platforms.
Students should have an understanding of the following: Section 508 1194.22 regulations, W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines V1.0, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET and Web Scripting.Prior to enrolling for this course, the student may consider the following resources:1. ASP.NET Accessibility (Visual Studio), MSDN. ( 2. W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, V1.0, W3C, 1999.3. General Services Administration Section 508 Web Site: (
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is developed for ASP.NET programmers, web site content developers, and quality assurance engineers.
  • Validating Pages for Accessibility
  • Creating Accessible Images
  • Creating Accessible Forms
  • Creating Accessible Navigation
  • Creating Accessible Data Tables
  • Creating Accessible Scripts
  • CSS Considerations
  • Miscellaneous Accessibility Issues

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