Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0

The goal of this course is to provide a solution for the customers' need to have trained IT support personnel to implement, support, and maintain Microsoft( Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0.
Before attending this course, students must have completed Course 2153A, Implementing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure or have equivalent knowledge of TCP/IP, DNS, certificate services, and tasks that are performed in Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.
Three Days
This course is intended for IT support professionals who need to implement and support IIS 5.0. This course specifically addresses the job requirements of IT support professionals who administer and monitor IIS 5.0-based Web servers, and network systems engineers who configure and secure IIS 5.0 Web sites.
  • Install IIS 5.0.
  • Create and configure IIS 5.0 Web and FTP sites.
  • Administer a single IIS Web site or multiple IIS Web sites.
  • Implement security on an IIS server.
  • Configure Web applications.
  • Monitor and optimize a Web server.
  • Configure IIS to provide e-mail support.
  • Configure and manage Microsoft FrontPage-extended webs.
  • Explain implementation differences based on the specific role of the IIS Web server.
  • Installing Internet Information Services 5.0
  • Configuring Web and FTP Sites
  • Administering Web and FTP Sites
  • Installing and Configuring Web Applications
  • Implementing Security on a Web Server
  • Monitoring and Optimizing a Web Server
  • Configuring IIS to Provide E-Mail Support
  • Managing FrontPage-Extended Webs
  • Implementing IIS 5.0

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