Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention Systems v6.0

Training Summary
This course provides the knowledge and skills needed to design, install, configure, and maintain a Cisco IPS sensor for small, medium, and enterprise networks.
Students should have familiarity with networking and security terms and concepts, including completion of the Securing Cisco Network Devices (SND) course and strong user-level experience with Microsoft Windows operating systems
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Cisco professionals looking to secure networks.
Course Topics
  • Intrusion Prevention Overview
  • Explaining Intrusion Prevention
  • Examining Cisco IPS Products
  • Examining Cisco IPS Sensor Software Solutions
  • Examining Evasive Techniques
  • Installation of a Cisco IPS 4200 Series Sensor
  • Installing a Cisco IPS Sensor Using the CLI
  • Using the Cisco IDM
  • Configuring Basic Sensor Settings
  • Cisco IPS Signatures
  • Configuring Cisco IPS Signatures and Alerts
  • Examining the Signature Engines
  • Customizing Signatures
  • Advanced Cisco IPS Configuration
  • Performing Advanced Tuning of Cisco IPS Sensors
  • Monitoring and Managing Alarms
  • Configuring a Virtual Sensor
  • Configuring Advanced Features
  • Configuring Blocking
  • Additional Cisco IPS Devices
  • Installing the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series IDSM-2
  • Initializing the Cisco ASA AIP-SSM
  • Cisco IPS Sensor Maintenance
  • Maintaining Cisco IPS Sensors
  • Managing Cisco IPS Sensors

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