Implementing & Exploiting CICSPlex using CICS Explorer and WUI

Training Summary
This four-day course explains in detail the key features of a CICSPlex environment. It teaches how the Web User Interface (WUI) and CICS Explorer are used to create and manage a CICSPlex. The course covers the configuration of a CICSPlex environment and the capabilities, functions, and services that are provided by the CICSPlex System Manager (CPSM). The functions covered in this course are Workload Manager (WLM), Real Time Analysis (RTA), Monitor (MON), and Business Application Services (BAS). Attendees will learn how to configure the CICS Explorer and the WUI server. There are extensive lab exercises customizing the CICS Explorer and WUI MENUs and VIEWs. Attendees will define and deploy resource BUNDLEs to a CICS platform.
Before taking this course, students should have a good technical understanding of the CICS and z/OS environments.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
All CICS Systems Programmers and Administrators working in a CICSplex environment.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to CICSPlex System Manager
  • WUI Operation
  • WUI Configuration
  • CICS Explorer Operation and Customization
  • CPSM Topology
  • Operation Views
  • CPSM definitions for WLM and RTA
  • BAS definitions

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