Implementing Oracle on NetApp Storage Systems - ORONSS

Training Summary
In this course you learn how to implement an Oracle Database solution in a NetApp storage environment. Through lecture and hands-on exercises, you practice discovering, planning, designing and provisioning an Oracle environment. In this class you install Oracle, configure an Oracle database, use several solutions to back up Oracle databases, and restore an Oracle database. The material of this class is not meant to provide an exhaustive study of Oracle. The purpose of this class is to practice the specific steps of the deployment and administration of an Oracle database using NetApp clustered Data ONTAP and NetApp integrated data protection technology.
Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode Fundamentals (WBT)Familiar with Data ONTAP 7-Mode administrationFamiliar with Data ONTAP Cluster Mode Administration
24 Hours
Anyone familiar with Oracle database servers and NetApp storage systems is considered a typical student of this course.
Course Topics
By the end of this course, you should be able to: Describe key customer problems attending Oracle solutions and the advantages of implementing Oracle solutions on NetApp technology to solve these problems Describe key architecture decisions for planning the deployment of Oracle on NetApp Storage systems operating in 7-Mode or Cluster-Mode Set up NetApp storage systems for Oracle databases Install, configure and set up Oracle servers and Oracle databases on NetApp storage systems Use NetApp technology for backing up, recovering, and cloning of Oracle databases

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