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Few organizations have truly embedded performance thinking into everyday decision making. With the recent introduction of two new inter-related frameworks/approaches (Deliverology and the Policy on Results), Canadian federal government managers risk becoming increasingly frustrated in responding to seemingly disparate performance-based requests, which are often seen as time-consuming, error-prone, and disconnected from the information needed to manage the business.

This two-day course will help you better understand the critical success factors associated with implementing a comprehensive and sustainable integrated performance planning approach that not only meets new central agency compliance requirements, but more importantly, develops practical information to support better decision-making. We will examine the key ingredients for ensuring a sustainable performance program including a means to assess organizational performance maturity, and how to design optimal organizational performance governance structures.

You’ll also explore the need and value of using enterprise-class planning and performance technology to enhance organizational engagement and support. The course also provides an opportunity to discuss best practices for the identification and implementation of leading planning and performance technologies.

Through the use of real world examples and case studies, you’ll come away with ready-to-apply tips, techniques, and templates to initiate and enhance planning and performance efforts in your organization.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

This workshop provides not only foundational training on developing high quality performance indicators, but also on how planning, risk management, project management, and resource management need to be integrated across all perspectives of program and service delivery performance. As such it will benefit: • Program/service directors, managers and planners • Corporate planners, performance leads and evaluators • Financial and resource management personnel

Performance Alignment Overview

  • Building a Performance Plan
  • Aligning Risk Management with the Performance Plan
  • Aligning Resources and Understanding Efficiency in Achieving Results
  • Initiating and Sustaining a Departmental Performance Culture
  • Performance Data Management
  • The Role and Value of Performance Technology
  • Technology Showcase: Planning, Dashboards, and Scorecarding Illustrations
  • Introducing and Maintaining Performance Technologies

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