Implementing PowerVM Live Partition Mobility - AN33G

Training Summary
This course describes the concepts and configuration details when implementing PowerVM Live Partition Mobility on POWER6 and POWER7 processor-based servers. Students will learn the requirements of Live Partition Mobility and will configure HMCs, Virtual I/O Servers, and partitions in preparation for performing active and inactive migrations. Live hands-on exercises will allow students to configure a lab environment and perform Live Partition Mobility operations. This course provides lectures and hands on labs in an instructor lead course environment, either in a face-to-face classroom or in a live virtual classroom environment (ILO - Instructor Led Online).
You should: Have completed Power Systems for AIX - Virtualization I: Implementing Virtualization (AN30G) or, Power Systems for AIX - Virtualization I: Implementing Virtualization - ILO (AX30) or have equivalent LPAR and Virtual I/O Server skills. Be proficient with HMC Version 7 or Version 8, Virtual I/O Server operations, and AIX LPAR system administration.
3 Days
The audiences for this advanced training include AIX/Linux technical support individuals, system administrators, system architects and engineers, and anyone who needs a technical operational understanding of PowerVM Live Partition Mobility.
Course Topics
Describe key components of Live Partition Mobility Describe configuration settings necessary for the HMCs, the source and target Virtual I/O servers, and the mobile LPAR Perform and monitor PowerVM Live Partition Mobility operations Describe differences between active and inactive Live Partition Mobility configuration and operations Describe advanced migration configuration and tuning options when using the migrlpar commandAdminister the product, Systems w/TPS, Cognitive Systems, Cognitive Infrastructure Market, PowerAI

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