IMS Diagnostic Approaches - CM660G (ISDR)

Training Summary
IBM SPECIAL DELIVERY REQUIRED COURSE: This ISDR course cannot be scheduled without IBM approval. If interested in this course, please contact your Local training Administrator.This class will teach you to understand the IMS software diagnostic process and to know what documentation is required to solve IMS software problems. IMS address space and Task Control Block (TCB) structures along with associated IMS control block structures will be examined to provide you with a roadmap to manuever through the diagnostic maze. Focus will be given to using Interactive Problem Control System (IPCS) and the IMS Interactive Dump Formatter to become familiar with IMS dumps.
3 Days
IMS System Programmers responsible for supporting IMS and diagnosing IMS problems.
Course Topics
Learn IBM's recommendations for IMS diagnostic setup Understand the usage of the IMS Interactive Dump Formatter Identify the key z/os IPCS commands that are useful for IMS problem diagnostics Describe the methodology for debugging IMS ABENDs � Describe the methodology for debugging IMS waits/loopsAdminister the productSystems w/TPSMainframe TPSSystem Software TPSz IT Service Management & ToolsIMS Tools

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