IMS Fundamentals

This course is designed to present an introduction to the basic and enhanced facilities of IMS (Information Management System) and its use in today’s IS environment.
An introductory knowledge of Enterprise Systems hardware and software.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
For Information Technology professionals (application programmers, database administrators, systems administrators, and systems programmers) who want a basic understanding of, or who work with or manage an IMS System (IMS DB, IMS DB/DC, or IMS DBCTL).
  • IMS Overview
  • IMS Database Manager
  • IMS Hierarchic Access Methods
  • IMS Database Programming
  • IMS Transaction Manager
  • IMS Transaction Message Processing
  • Application Message Processing
  • IMS Fast Path
  • IMS Interface to Other Systems
  • IMS Data Sharing, Sysplex, & Shared Queues
  • IMS Additional Availability Support
  • IMS Operations
  • IMS System Programming & Administration
  • IMS Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Highlights of the current two versions of IMS

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