IMS High Availability Large Database (HALDB) - CM46G (ISDR)

Training Summary
IBM SPECIAL DELIVERY REQUIRED COURSE: This ISDR course cannot be scheduled without IBM approval. If interested in this course, please contact your Local training Administrator.Learn about the Information Management System (IMS) High Availability Large Database (HALDB). Examine how databases may be migrated to HALDB and the advantages of using HALDB.
You should complete: Physical Organization of Databases (CM220) or Physical Organization of Databases - Web (CMW22) or have equivalent work experience. You should have: working knowledge of IMS full function databases database administrator responsibilities for their support.
1 Day
This is an intermediate course for IMS database administrators, who implement and manage HALDB.
Course Topics
Define HALDB databases and their partitions Understand database administrator responsibilities in managing HALDB Develop procedures for the support and recovery of HALDB Migrate databases to the use of HALDB Understand application design for HALDBSystems w/TPSMainframe TPSSystem Software TPSz IT Service Management & ToolsIMS Tools

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