In-Depth Introduction to Angular and NgRx

Training Summary
This course introduces the fundamental concepts behind Angular, one of the most popular web frameworks. Angular now has major revisions every 6 months and this course is kept up to date to highlight and take advantage of what is new in Angular. This course ensures students understand the fundamentals of creating custom components and the architecture and layout of Angular projects. This course addresses common questions beginners have on project structure and design decisions. Best practices are taught to avoid occurrences of memory leaks or potential performance issues. Students build applications by following directions, and also from scratch giving student’s confidence in creating fully working applications from start to finish
This is a hands-on programming class. Attendees must have previous working experience with web development. Equivalent knowledge as is present in the Modern Web Dev Course which includes working with VSCode extension and shortcuts, HTML5 form elements and attributes, JavaScript / EcmaScript 6 (let / const, spread operators, ES6 modules), CSS selectors is also helpful, but not required for training.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Students who are new to Angular and need a fundamental understanding of components and modules and wish to be able to quickly create their own Angular applications given a set of requirements.
Course Topics
  • Overview of Course and Angular Development
  • Working with TypeScript and ES6 notations
  • Introduction to Angular Projects
  • Components, Data Binding & Templates
  • Pipes & Directives
  • Leveraging Routing Features
  • Using Services and Dependency Injection in Components
  • Understanding Change Detection and Lifecycle hooks
  • Working with Forms
  • Testing
  • Introduction to NgRx Framework

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