Informix 11.7 System Administration - IX812G

In this course, you will develop the skills necessary to administer one or more database servers. You will learn how to configure and initialize a database server instance, configure and test client connectivity, configure and manage memory and disk usage, plan and implement system maintenance tasks, and configure the server for optimal Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) or decision support. This course is based on the 11.7 version of IBM Informix.
You should have the following knowledge and skills: Ability to write complex SQL queries Ability to navigate through a Linux/UNIX file system and use common utilities in that environment
4 Days
This intermediate course is for Informix Administrators, Database Administrators, and Applications Developers.
Describe the components of a database server. Configure and initialize a database server Configure the server to allow both local and remote connections Use Informix utilities to monitor server activity Describe the components of shared memory and configure the component sizes List, describe, and configure the different classes of virtual processors Identify the components of the database server disk architecture Create dbspaces, blobspaces, and sbspaces and add chunks to these spaces Explain the purpose of physical and logical logs and monitor log activity View the individual transactions that are written to the logical log files Describe the importance of checkpoints on the server Describe the importance of fast recovery Perform backups of the database server and logical logs Use different methods to restore a database server from backup Explain the purpose of temporary spaces used by the server Configure the database server to operate more efficiently using parallel operations Monitor the resources used by individual user sessions Configure the server to respond to specific events by executing an alarm program Use various troubleshooting techniques to identify and resolve common problems

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