InfoSphere MDM Application Toolkit V11.3 - ZZ870G

Training Summary
The InfoSphere MDM Application Toolkit course introduces students to the Business Process Manager (BPM) and the Process Designer to create processes that will use MDM data and services. � This course has a heavy emphasis on exercises and takes a participant through creating a process to search and update a customer�s address. �The search, get and update services are performed against the InfoSphere MDM. If you are looking to get an introduction to how BPM and MDM can work together using the MDM Application Toolkit, then this course is for you.
You should be familiar with:The InfoSphere MDM software suite or attend the Introduction to InfoSphere MDM V11.3 (1Z801G) course available online.The Business Process Manager software suite or watch the following videos prior to attending class: Getting Started with IBM Business Process Manager V8.5.5 - Started with IBM Process Designer V8.5.5 - Started with IBM Process Center V8.5.5 - Started with IBM Process Admin Console V8.5.5 - Started with IBM Integration Designer V8.5.5 - started with IBM Process Portal V8.5.5 -
2 Days
The advanced course is designed for a technical audience that will be using the InfoSphere MDM Application Toolkit to build processes that involve the Physical or Virtual MDM.
Course Topics
Understand the basic components of the Business Process Manager Designer Understand the MDM Application Toolkit components Understand the Physical MDM Business Objects and Interaction services Understand the Virtual MDM Business Objects and Interaction services Create a simple process that uses MDM services Design and build a process requiring MDM data Handle an Error returned by an MDM Interaction service Configure and use an MDM Coach ViewLearn about, Cloud Data and AI, Unified Governance DataOps Portfolio

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