InfoSphere MDM Physical Module Algorithms V11 - ZZ981G

Training Summary
Do you want to find duplicates and perfect a search algorithm for your InfoSphere MDM Physical implementation Then this course is designed for you. The InfoSphere MDM V11 Physical Module Algorithms course prepares you to work with and customize the algorithm configurations deployed to the InfoShere MDM Probabilistic Matching Engine (PME) for the Physical MDM implementation.
If you are new to MDM, you should take the follwowing courses:Introduction to InfoSphere Master Data Management V11.3 - WBT (1Z801G) If you have experience with InfoSphere MDM, you do not need to take course 1Z801G.
2.5 Days
This advanced course is for Business and Technical Specialist working with Suspect Duplicate Processing and Search services of InfoSphere MDM.
Course Topics
Understand how Duplicate Suspect Processing and Search (using PME) work for Physical Implementations of InfoSphere MDM Understand the MDM configuration project and database tables used by the PME Understand the PME Algorithms (Standardization, Bucketing and Comparison steps) and how to create and customize the algorithms using the workbench Understand how to analyze the Bucketing steps in an algorithm Understand how to generate weights for a given algorithm and how those weights are generated based on a sample database set. Understand how to analyze the weights that are generated using the workbench Understand how to deploy the PME configuration for a Physical implementation of InfoSphere MDM. Understand the integration between the Physical module and the PMELearn about, Cloud Data and AI, Unified Governance DataOps Portfolio

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