InfoSphere Programming with MDM Collaborative Edition Training (ZZ540G)

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InfoSphere Programming with MDM Collaborative Edition Training (ZZ540G)

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This introductory course, Programming with IBM InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition V10.1, is a must for those wanting to learn how to setup their environment and begin programming with MDM CE. Using IBM’s Implementation Methodology Approach (use cases), the developer will have first-hand experience building a solution that will incorporate the functionality of the MDM CE product. This course will provide the developer with an initial understanding of the MDM CE Object Data Model and migrate towards programming a solution and finally understand the Best Practices for programming with MDM CE product.

Before taking this course, students should have taken the Using InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition V10.1 course, or previous IBM InfoSphere MDM Server for PIM V9.0 courses. Students should also have familiarity with eclipse based Integrated Development Environment, and +2 years of Java programming experience.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This advanced course caters to developers, solution architects, technical architects, and technical specialists.

Introduction to MCMCE

  • Introduction to MDMCE Programming languages
  • MDMCE Programming Exercises (Use Case)
  • Best Practices

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