Installing and Unleashing Unicenter Automation Point

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This course is designed to help you design, install, and implement the Unicenter Automation Point product. It is designed to give a complete understanding of the product essentials in a single course.This enables the attendee to configure Automation Point and develop automation applications on the Windows platform. Quizzes, reviews, and hands-on labs are used to reinforce presented topics.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for operations personnel, automation analysts, and systems programmers.

  • Introduction to CA-Automation Point
  • Automation Point Project Planning
  • Windows Overview, including concepts, device drivers, services, networking, and install
  • Host Connections and Adapter Cards (Terminal emulation, 3270, HLLAPI, and asynch)
  • Installing Unicenter Automation Point
  • Configuring Automation Point Parameters
  • Configuring Keyboard mapping and Scan code files
  • Configuring Asynchronous Terminal Sessions
  • Using Automation Point Script files
  • Automation Point Migration (optional Topic)
  • Operating CA-Automation Point
  • Using Remote Operations
  • Coding Automation Point Rules
  • Using REXX with Automation Point
  • Using AXC Command Processors
  • Designing High Availability, low maintenance automation
  • Using Program to Program Queues (PPQ)
  • Installation and use of the global variable environment (GLV)
  • Editing Automation Point Menus
  • Using the Unicenter APIs
  • The Automation Point Voice Interface
  • Notification Manager
  • Using the OPS/MVS <-> Automation Point Interface (optional Topic)
  • Using the Automation Point HMC Interfaces

Students entering this course should have end user knowledge of Windows, and REXX programming experience (as covered in ProTech's Multiplatform REXX Programming course).

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