Installing, Configuring, and Managing KVM for IBM z System - ZV45G

The ZV45 course is designed to provide students that are responsible for the administration of the KVM for IBM z System product with the knowledge to install, manage, and configure the product.� You will leave the course with the knowledge to implement KVM for IBM z System, apply a service pack, add new disk storage to the KVM server, deploy Linux guests, and migrate deployed guests to other KVM server.
Basic computer skills and knowledge. The students will also need to have knowledge of an editor that is available on Linux (vi).
3 Days
This course is intended for IT professionals who will be responsible for the installation and configuration of the KVM for IBM z System product.
Install KVM for IBM z System � Apply a fixpack for KVM for IBM z System � Initial storage devices that are used by KVM for IBM z System � Manage network devices and create an OpenSystem vSwitch � Deploy SLES12 guest with KVM for IBM z System � Convert deployed guests from a qcow2 image to a raw image � Resize the deployed guest � Migrate KVM guests from one KVM server to another., Systems w/TPS, Mainframe TPS, Application Platforms TPS, z Enterprise Transaction Systems & integration

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