Installing, Configuring, and Servicing z/VM - ZV06G

Training Summary
This course introduces the system programmer to the tasks required to support a z/VM operating system. It provides an overview of the processes required to install z/VM and perform the required tailoring steps to support Linux guest systems and CMS users. You will leave the course with the knowledge to perform the steps to add Linux guest systems and other virtual machines to the z/VM system, to define and create saved segments, to apply service to the z/VM system, and to define a minimal TCP/IP configuration.
You should complete:z/VM Introduction and Concept (ZV02G) or equivalent experience
5 Days
This course is for IT professionals who will be responsible for the support of Linux guests and other virtual machines running in the z/VM environment. It assumes that these persons will have little or no experience in the z/VM environment.
Course Topics
Perform normal editing processes in the z/VM environment Describe the process of running guests under z/VM Define virtual machines to z/VM and reload the directory Describe the process of defining real devices to the z/VM system Modify the Control Program of z/VM Define and save saved segments Describe how TCP/IP works in z/VM Customize the TCP/IP files on z/VM Apply service to the z/VM system, Systems w/TPS, Mainframe TPS, Application Platforms TPS, z Enterprise Transaction Systems & integration

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