Intense Java for C/C++ Programmers

Intense Java offers a total immersion approach for C/C++programmers wanting to learn Java. The course starts with basic OO concepts and fundamentals of Java, then covers applet programming, GUI how-to's, JavaBeans, database programming, network programming, security issues, and concludes with an introduction to advanced concepts such as reflection and serialization.
Students should have a solid programming experience in a structured language (C or C++) is required, but no previous knowledge of Java is required.
Five Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is developed for application developers, C++ Programmers and system designers
  • Identify basic concepts of OO design
  • Write Java programs
  • Build and embed applets in Web pages using Java
  • Build GUIs using Java
  • Build client-server applications using Java
  • Build multi-threaded programs using Java
  • Reuse a lot of the Java code taught in the classroom
  • Java Fundamentals
  • Applet Programming
  • Graphical User Interface Programming in Java
  • Using the GUI components
  • Layout Management
  • Event Management
  • Object Oriented GUI Design
  • Multimedia Programming
  • Component Based Programming
  • Network Programming
  • Concurrent Programming
  • Database Programming
  • Advanced Concepts

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