Interfacing CA-OPS/MVS with USS and Enterprise Event Management

Training Summary
This course is designed to help technical staff learn the skills needed to automate and manage applications running in a z/OS UNIX System Services environment, using CA-OPS/MVS and CA Common Services components. At the completion of this course, attendees will understand how to install, implement, program, and debug the OPS/MVS interface to UNIX System Services (USS) and Network and Systems Management (CA NSM). Quizzes and hands-on programming labs are used to reinforce the presented topics.
Attendees should be familiar with MVS in general, OPS/MVS, the OPS/REXX programming language, and UNIX System Services. ProTech courses MVS Skill Pack, Multi-platform REXX Programming, Understanding and Using CA-OPS/MVS, and z/OS UNIX System Services Introduction provide this background knowledge.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for automation analysts and system programmers who are responsible for designing, building, and monitoring systems managed by CA-OPS/MVS.
Course Topics
  • What UNIX System Services is and why it needs automated.
  • Essential skills for navigating the UNIX side of MVS.
  • CA Common Services overview.
  • How to install and configure the required and optional components of CA Common Services
  • How to install the OPS/MVS UNIX System Services interface components.
  • How to code and test OPS/MVS USS rules
  • How to manage z/OS UNIX resources with OPS/MVS StateMan.
  • How to code REXX execs that use the ADDRESS USS environment.
  • How to deploy two-way communications with other NSM servers for Enterprise-wide systems management.
  • Case study: Interfacing OPS/MVS with the IBM MVS HTTPD Web Server.

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