Intermediate Development with Node.js

Training Summary
This course is a follow-on to the Intro to Node course for developers. This course focuses on more hands on development using Express and related packages to make developers productive and to help follow best practices. This course combines lecture and hands-on exercises to give students confidence in creating solutions using Node. Students will explore popular modules such as Express. During the course students will create the different parts of a web application to allow records to be Created, Read, Updated, and Deleted (CRUD). This course uses Postgres as a relational database but can be customized based upon the needs of the client to use other relational or NoSQL databases.
Attendees should have experience with using Node, npm install, understand concepts of asynchronous programming and promises. Knowledge of REST based web services is helpful but not required.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for experienced JavaScript developers who wish to understand Node JS and to execute JavaScript outside of the browser.
Course Topics
Warm-up / Review of Core Concepts
  • Setting up Express
  • Database Connections
  • Handling User Input and Requests
  • Error Handling
  • Validation Strategies
  • Session Management in Node
  • Production Security Concerns
  • Testing Node
  • Production Practices

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