Intermediate / Interactive ILE COBOL/400 Programming Workshop

Training Summary
This course provides a comprehensive treatment of writing interactive programs in the COBOL/400 language used on the IBM System i (AS/400). Students will learn how to create, debug and maintain interactive applications, starting with very simple displays, and continuing through such advanced topics as Display Windows and Subfiles. This class is intended for the COBOL/400 Programmer who needs a better understanding of interactive programming in COBOL/400.
Before taking this course, you should have a working knowledge of COBOL/400 programming on the IBM System i (AS/400).
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Course Topics
  • Introduction
  • SDA (Screen Design Aid)
  • Using COBOL/400 as the Screen Driver
  • Types of Displays
  • Working with Screen Indicators
  • COBOL/400 Specifics
  • Screen Control
  • Message Handling in screens
  • Develop, Code, Test and Debug Programs
  • Handling Errors and Anomalies
  • Windows
  • Subfiles (Scrollable Lists)

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