Intermediate Python

The Intermediate Python training course is a logical continuation of the Introduction to Python training course. Intermediate Python begins with a quick review of core Python concepts. It then transitions into an in-depth look into advanced Python concepts, syntax and libraries. Along the way, you will learn the ins-and-outs of writing multithread programs with Python, creating network aware applications using both Sockets and URLs, and applying Test-Driven Development concepts with unittest and nosetest. Intermediate Python course concludes with a quick overview of the Django Web development framework.
ProTech's Introduction to Python course
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Python Syntax Review
  • Advanced Data Types and Functional Programming
  • Generators and Iterators
  • Context Managers
  • Testing Python
  • Introducing Logging
  • NumPy/SciPy (Numerical and Computational Processing)
  • Pandas and Data Integration
  • Python Multithreading and Multiprocessing
  • Network Programming
  • Introduction to Web application development with Django

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