Intermediate QMF for Workstations

During this course, you will create and run intermediate level QMF queries using Structured Query language (SQL). The class provides comprehensive coverage of the capabilities and uses of QMF, with a focus on translating and coding business requirements into Structured Query Language (SQL) and producing reports using QMF forms. In addition, QMF’s Forms, Reports, Procedures and Global Variables are introduced. The course begins with a discussion of relational concepts and terminology and quickly moves into a very practical discussion of data retrieval and manipulation using SQL. Each topic is reinforced with hands-on workshops.
No previous experience in SQL is required, Basic QMF is recommended. Ability to use TSO and ISPF is recommended.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Business professionals who are exposed to or are required to perform the activities associated with data stored in a Db2 relational database.
  • Aggregation
  • Creating Reports with Control Breaks
  • Joins
  • Statistical Analysis, Grouping, and Across Reports
  • Left and Right Outer Joins
  • Additional Report Topics
  • SQL Union
  • QMF Procedures
  • SQL SubQueries
  • Data Modification

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