Intermediate/Advanced Java Topics Virtual Seminar

This course is designed to deliver custom topics on Java server side technologies. The student will set up, write, and modify Java Server Pages (2.0), as well as Servlets. The student will use JSTLs and JDBC concepts to build applications. There will be a brief discussion of Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA&D) as well. The student will work on class projects that will enable them to develop additional Java Programming skills.
Students who have completed an introductory base language course, who understand some SQL commands, and some HTML transactions should attend.
10 Days/Lab & Lecture
This course is intended for developers who desire to improve their knowledge of Java Server Side programming techniques.
  • Brief Base Language Review
  • JDBC
  • Java Server Pages 2.0
  • Servlets
  • Brief UML Discussion
  • Class Projects

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