Internetwork and Internet Security

This course will allow system managers, network managers, network designers and network administrators to address Internet security concerns by giving the student a clear insight into the many issues involved and how best to address them.
The student should be familiar with the concepts of networking and should have a working knowledge of TCP/IP and standard Internet services (such as WWW, email and FTP). Previous knowledge of the Internet is essential.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for those who are responsible for the planning and implementing of security policies with regard to corporate Internet access and Intranets.
  • Introduction to network security
  • Security in the real world
  • System-based attacks
  • Network data attacks
  • Internet protocol security issues
  • Security through policy
  • Protection through encryption
  • Protection through authentication
  • Transactional security
  • Server security
  • Security architectures
  • Evolving risk

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