InterTest for CICS/TS Testing and Debugging

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This class provides the students with a with a comprehensive explanation of the capabilities that exist for testing and debugging CICS written programs using the InterTest for CICS product.

Students should have an understanding of CICS programming facilities.

1 Day/Lecture & Lab

The course is recommended for CICS application programmers, database administrators, systems programmers, and other personnel who are interested in learning how to use the InterTest for CICS product.

  • InterTest for CICS facilities
  • Breakpoint processing
  • Automatic breakpoints
  • User defined breakpoints
  • Symbolic source code
  • Initial processing steps
  • Setting breakpoints
  • The keep window
  • Breakpoint options
  • Backtraces
  • Indirect commands
  • Monitoring the status display
  • Displaying and modifying main storage
  • Locate command
  • Obtaining help
  • Demonstration program processing
  • The core command
  • The file command
  • DB2 and SQL/DS processing
  • User abend codes
  • Advanced breakpoint settings
  • Composite support
  • Replacing an fc identifier
  • Limiting resources
  • Preventing storage violations
  • SymDump capabilities

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