Intro to REXX Programming

Training Summary
This course is designed to enable the attendee to create, execute, debug and modify programs in the REXX programming language. The course includes execution under MVS, both from TSO/E and non-TSO/E address spaces. Comparisons to similar CLIST capabilities are provided where reasonable. Quizzes and labs are used to reinforce presented topics. Linux/UNIX, Windows, NetView and VM/CMS as well as execution with automation products will be addressed, as needed, or the course may be tailored to those environments for site-specific needs. A principle advantage of REXX is the relative ease of creating well-structured programs. Development techniques will be described which allow rapid design and execution of REXX programs while providing maintainability and allowing upgrades in a logically layered fashion. The extensive practical experience of the instructor will emphasize 'real world' applications of REXX. Provided example programs cover a wide range of topics, including automated operations and conditionally executing TSO/E and ISPF commands. At the conclusion of the course, students will understand all the primary programming constructs in REXX and how to meld these constructs into effective REXX programs. Students will also have knowledge of many advanced techniques, both those reviewed in class and additional sample programs. Each student will receive a floppy disk containing tested solutions to all the quizzes and labs, all examples and the advanced techniques sample programs. Optionally, an instructor can be retained for additional days to provide onsite programming and systems expertise. The instructor can show hands-on techniques for providing solutions in a rapid manner, assisting in a one on one fashion with the more complicated aspects of the local environment. All instructors have extensive backgrounds in providing solutions to the systems needs of corporate clients and possess a diversity of skills, experience and industry contacts.
Students must be familiar with use of the text editor on the programming platform. No prior programming experience is required, but students should have a basic understanding of data processing concepts.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for systems programmers, operations personnel and application programmers.
Course Topics
  • REXX Overview
  • First REXX Procedure
  • Running REXX
  • Expressions and Operators
  • Assignments and Variables
  • REXX Keywords
  • Calling and Writing Subroutines and Functions
  • The Built-in SAA REXX Functions
  • More Keyword Instructions (Optional Chapter)
  • TSO/E Built-In Functions (Optional Chapter)
  • IBM Object REXX for Windows Functions (Optional Chapter)
  • File I/O
  • PC-DOS REXX (Optional Chapter)
  • NetView REXX Overview (Optional Chapter)
  • Advanced REXX: Stack & PARSE (Optional)

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