Intro to UML

This course will give students the knowledge to understand and create UML diagrams. It takes a hands-on approach that allows the students to apply their new found knowledge to familiar situations. In the planning phases for this course, students will be consulted about business in order to identify the appropriate domain for discussions and exercises in order to give those in attendance and jump-start.
Students should be knowledgeable of programming concepts is required for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Understand the purpose of UML
  • Familiarize with UML diagrams
  • Learn when to use particular UML diagrams
  • Apply what you learn during class
  • The Requirements Workflow-Use Case Model
  • The Requirements Workflow-Activity Diagrams
  • The Analysis Workflow-Class Diagram
  • The Analysis Workflow-Scenarios and Sequence Diagrams
  • The Analysis Workflow-Collaboration Diagrams
  • The Analysis Workflow-Statechart Diagrams

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