Introduction to C# using .NET

This thorough and comprehensive course is a practical introduction to programming in C# utilizing the services provided by .NET. An important thrust of the course is to teach C# programming from an object-oriented perspective. It is often difficult for programmers trained originally in a procedural language to start "thinking in objects". This course introduces object oriented concepts early, and C# is developed in a way that leverages its object-orientation. The C# language introduces several new features, such as properties, indexers, delegates, events and interfaces that make C# a compelling language for developing object-oriented and component-based systems, thorough coverage of all these features is provided in this course. C# as a language is elegant and powerful but to fully utilize its capabilities you need to have a good understanding of how it works with the .NET Framework. The course explores several important interactions between C# and the .NET Framework, and it includes an introduction to major classes for collections, files, delegates, events, and threads.
The student should have programming experience in a high-level language.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for programmers who do not already have a strong background in object-oriented programming in C-like languages such as C++ or Java. The course may also be taken by more experienced programmers who desire a thorough introduction to C# with many example programs. It is structured so that more experienced programmers can cleanly skip the material they already know.
Introduction to .NET and C#::C# as a Language in the C Family::C# Programming Fundamentals::C# and the .NET Framework

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