Introduction to CICS/TS

This course will present the new facilities of CICS/TS (Transaction Server). The student will be exposed to the new features of BTS (Business Transaction Services), which allows CICS to process transactions as a complete, interdependent entity, instead of the classic "single transaction at a time" method. Also discussed are several improvements in the way that CICS/TS interfaces with non-3270 type entities, such as a web browser.
The student must have basic knowledge of CICS and general knowledge of the mainframe programming environment.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for CICS programmers and/or programmer/analysts who are familiar with the basics of CICS/ESA and want to gain knowledge of the new features available in CICS/TS.
  • CICS Business Transaction Services (BTS)
  • The CICS log manager
  • The CICS recovery manager
  • File control enhancements
  • Temporary storage enhancements
  • Transient data enhancements
  • CICS/DB2 attachment facility
  • CICS Web interface
  • 3270 bridge
  • Miscellaneous enhancements

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