Introduction to COBOL for the AS/400 (IBM I, iSeries) Workshop

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Introduction to COBOL for the AS/400 (IBM I, iSeries) Workshop

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This is an introductory class on the COBOL language. The class covers the general ANS 85 COBOL standard, and the IBM System i (AS/400) extensions to the standard for the OPM compiler. Students will learn basic COBOL rules and syntax; write, run and debug several batch COBOL programs. Interactive COBOL is not covered in this introductory class.

System i (AS/400) Concepts and Facilities class, or equivalent. Basic knowledge of computer programming logic and techniques.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab


  • Introduction to Programming in COBOL/400
  • Defining Files and Processing Data
  • Printing Reports with COBOL/400
  • Designing Structured COBOL Programs
  • Moving Data and Text Manipulation
  • Computing in COBOL: The Arithmetic Verbs
  • Decision Making Using the IF and EVALUATE Statements
  • Debugging COBOL Programs
  • Iteration: Beyond the Basic PERFORM
  • Database Concepts and Externally Described Physical Files
  • Accessing Logical Files
  • Control Break Processing
  • Random File Access Techniques for Keyed Files
  • Single-Level Arrays and Tables
  • Multiple-Level Arrays and Tables
  • The COPY and CALL Statements

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