Introduction to Data Management, Governance And Stewardship

This is a basic introduction to the concepts of data management, governance and stewardship for individuals who work with or interact with data in their work environment. As organizations move towards developing their enterprise level data governance polices, data management plans and data stewardship practices, it has become essential for the people who work with data on a day to day basis to understand the concepts related to these data disciplines so that they can apply them effectively and correctly in their individual work responsibilities.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for anyone who works with data
  • Data Management: how an organization manages its data assets, which covers data architecture, types of data in an organization, meta-data, data repositories, master reference data, data security and other related concepts.
  • Data Governance: the organization’s policies and standards that govern the use of data throughout the enterprise.
  • Data Lifecycle: how data flows through an organization from its initial acquisition or creation until it is archived or eliminated, and how the data is used in an operational environment during its lifecycle, whether it is current data in operational systems, historical data in analytic system or some other use.
  • Data Stewardship: the specific policies and practices used in the day to day operations of an organization to manage
: data assets in compliance with the organization’s data governance policies.
  • Data Systems and Tools: an overview of the types of systems and tools that are typically used for these data functions.

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