Introduction To Data Mining

Training Summary
This course provides the students with the skills necessary to set up, execute, and interpret the output from data mining analysis tools.
Students should have at least some experience with coding SQL for any relational database management system plus at least a conceptual understanding of Data Warehousing.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for users, power users, programmers, analysts, DBAs, Data Modelers, or anyone else who needs to do data mining.
Course Topics
  • Data Mining In Context
  • Why Master The Art Of Data Mining?
  • Data Mining Methodology The Virtuous Cycle Revisited
  • Customers And Their Life Cycles
  • Data Mining Techniques And Algorithms
  • What Data Should And Does Looks Like
  • Building Effective Predictive Models
  • Taking Control Setting Up A Data Mining Environment
  • Who Needs Bag Balm And Pants Stretchers
  • Who Gets What? Building A Best Next Offer Model For An Online Bank
  • Please Don't Go! Churn Modeling In Wireless Communication
  • Converging On The Customer Understanding Customer Behavior In The Telecommunications Industry
  • Who Is Buying What? Getting To Know Supermarket Shoppers
  • Waste Not, Want Not Improving Manufacturing Processes
  • The Societal Context Data Mining And Privacy

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