Introduction to Decision Making Bootcamp

Big Data & Analytics are transforming how decisions are made in every enterprise from the start-up to the Global enterprise. So every professional or employee in any company must understand how line of business (LoB) executives and managers make decisions in different departments - Strategy, HR, Marketing, Finance, Supply chain, IT and more. This bootcamp is intended to give you a foundation on the business decision frameworks typically used in these functional areas by decision-makers. Thus, by attending this bootcamp, you will lean how you can create business value from Big Data, Analytics & Technology.
There are no prerequisites for this course. Business Terminology is helpful.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
Engineers, Developers, IT Staff, Analysts, Non-MBA staff.
  • Art & Science of Decision Making
  • Decision Examples - Strategy, Marketing, Supply Chain
  • Case Study: TBD
  • Introduction to Business Strategy Decision Frameworks
  • Typical Use Cases in Strategy, KPIs
  • Case Study: Market Entry Strategy
  • Introduction to Marketing Decisions
  • Typical Decision Use Cases in Marketing & KPIs
  • Case Study: Digital Marketing Campaign Decision Analysis
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Decisions
  • Typical Decision Use Cases in Supply Chain & KPIs
  • Case Study: Supply Chain Decision Analysis
  • Takeaways & Review of decision-making
  • Takeaways & Review of Decision Use cases
  • Q & A, Feedback

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