Introduction to Development with Node.js ( Custom for SSA )

Training Summary
The Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, runtime environment that allows developers to create all kinds of server-side tools and applications written in JavaScript. It runs outside of the browser, and OS libraries are provided for File system work and HTTP. This course combines lecture and hands-on exercises so that participants will get up to speed quickly. Participants will work with core module of Node.js, as well as popular modules such as Express, in order to build server-side applications which interact with a NoSQL database.
Before taking this course, programming experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required. Attendees should possess years of experience working with JavaScript, or have attended the two day customized SSA JavaScript introduction course prior to enrolling in this course. Knowledge of REST based web services is helpful but not required.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Developers.
Course Topics
Understand the overall architecture and features of Node.js
  • Install and setup an environment using Node and NPM
  • Build a Node.js server application
  • Work with some of the most common core modules
  • Create a module in a TDD manner using Mocha and chai testing tools
  • Database interaction with PostgreSQL
  • Practice with common Express.js middleware
  • Build a CRUD application using REST API servers

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