Introduction to Easytrieve Plus

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Introduction to Easytrieve Plus

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This hands-on course will introduce application programmers to the basics of using Easytrieve to help increase productivity in the test and production environments. Students will be able to create adhoc reports using sorting procedures, create output files and match files to speed up all tasks that are currently done using COBOL or PL/1.

Participants should have a working knowledge of JCL and some type of programming exposure. (COBOL, BASIC, FOCUS)

3 days/Lecture & Lab

Programmers or Analysts who need to do report formatting and file manipulation in an IBM mainframe environment.

  • Easytrieve program sections, terms, and their syntax
  • Syntax and power of Easytrieve's branch logic
  • Creating well structured Easytrieve Code
  • The wide variety of reporting options available
  • Multiple reports from a single pass of a file
  • Easytrieve's table processing capabilities
  • Data manipulation and file handling features
  • Compile and execute an Easytrieve program from object code
  • MACROS, If's,
  • Procedures
  • External and Instream tables and redefined working-storage
  • Subroutine processing
  • Array processing, DO WHILE
  • SORTing files, Virtual files
  • Match Files

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