Introduction to Hadoop

The Introduction to Hadoop training course focuses on writing and executing MapReduce programs in a Hadoop environment. Each module includes one or more labs to reinforce and extend the topics under discussion, including a review of example solution code.This Hadoop course is intended for developer who will be writing Hadoop based MapReduce jobs. As such, Introduction to Hadoop focuses on the key aspects of writing and submitting MapReduce jobs in various forms. It covers the lifecycle of a job, the means to write MapReduce programs in Java (or a preferred language), writing unit tests, optimizing data transmission and storage, and using other products in the Hadoop ecosystem that can expedite developing and orchestrating MapReduce jobs.The Developing Programs for Hadoop training can be extended up to five days for additional coverage in a few of the following areas: writing custom data formatsa broader or deeper view of Hadoop ecosystem projectscloud-based deploymentsome administration topics: configuring high availability; federating NameNodes; planning for data growth; automating installation and deployment; improving security; job scheduling and resource management; system-wide logging; monitoring and troubleshooting.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for system adminstrators, developers, and DevOps engineers creating Big Data solutions using Hadoop
  • Hadoop Concepts
  • Understanding the MapReduce Flow
  • Writing a MapReduce Program
  • Reviewing Job Performance
  • Configuring Jobs
  • Improving Job Performance
  • Writing Unit Tests
  • Diving into Hadoop Operations
  • Streamlining MapReduce I/O
  • Writing Programs in Other Languages
  • Managing Data and Workflows in HDFS
  • Managing Hadoop Versions

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